What do I eat? 


As a freelance food writer and singer, my schedule is a variable hodgepodge. Some days, I’m at home cooking and photographing recipes, and it’s pretty easy to put together healthy meals. Other days, I’m out of the house all day long, hopping from a writer meet-up to teaching voice lessons to ceramics class, with little… 

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On Living, Working, and Blogging (Part II)

Thanks for tuning in again, to another rambling post of musing about food writing, life, and balancing the two! Rest assured, more recipes are coming in the future – I’ve just been in a bit of a wordy space. 


On Living, Working, and Blogging (Part I)

Adam’s and Nick’s recent posts have gotten me on a thinking jag about blogging, life, work, balancing everything, and remembering what’s important. Please forgive the rambles below, and let me know if you’ve got anything to say on the subject as well. Oh, and stay tuned for Part II, later this week. -Coco 


Tahini Sesame Cookies (and a few thoughts on baking)

This is an oldie but goodie from the archives — my apologies for the less than stellar photo from 2010! These cookies are chewy, crackly, and bursting with sesame flavor. I was known as “The Cookie Fairy” in grad school for good reason — these are completely irresistible to anyone who likes sesame-flavored anything. Enjoy!

Night 3: Chicken Rice Bowls with Honey Mustard Sauce

Kitchn Recipes: 5 Weeknight Chicken Dinners

This is the biggest project I’ve done over at The Kitchn, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Start with a big batch of sheet pan-roasted chicken one night, and you’ll have leftover cooked meat for the following four nights’ recipes. Here’s the plan, complete with a grocery shopping list and make-ahead options…. 

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